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Our Mission

We are a passionately driven social entrepreneur network that taps into our intuitive desire to serve others and solve problems surrounding mental health and wellness, lending clarity to our fellow humans to uncover vital questions:

Why am I here?

Who are my people?

What is my purpose?

We do so by creating various target digital journals and programs that aim to inspire various niches of people. 

We value the power of intentionality by leveraging cornerstone science foundations and evidence-based healthy habits that help develop structure, which naturally provides an individual with the tools to create personal freedom, peace, and clarity.

In turn, we desire to become a safe haven for those who bravely begin to face themselves, their fears, and their trauma, which have likely developed due to: broken relationships, abuse, addiction, choices, feelings of inadequacy, and unworthiness.

Our team fully commits to providing help to others through our work.

Values & Code of Conduct | We Commit

  • To Love: We Intentionally evaluate our choices while learning to release fear with a relentless pursuit to confront evil with love.

  • To Change: We maintain accountability for ourselves and others by examining our lives, choices, thoughts, and actions toward healthy change.

  • To Equip: We fight greed-driven models by remembering who we are and what we stand for.

  • To Gratitude: We value the opportunity to be content in all circumstances and trust that any past, present, or future challenges will have value to those around us.
  • To The Extraordinary: We know that empowerment to our purpose will allow for the good and the miraculous to happen.

  • To Serve: We provide free services to the most vulnerable groups of people without any expectations.

  • To Freedom: We accept failure and understand that growth is not linear while being conduits of grace, compassion, and forgiveness to ourselves and others. 

  • To Outlets: We live by committing to healthy habits that inspire us to better our mental health and wellness.
  • To Solitude: We know that to give and love at our best, our times of stillness, meditation, and mindfulness are well respected.

  • To Yes: We permit ourselves to chase our dreams and, by doing so, empower others to do the same.

  • To Identity: We are forever transforming and are committed to growing our abilities to serve others.

  • To Experiences: We curate events and retreats to provide a life-changing experience