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Customized wellness journals, apps, and on-demand support to improve your team's mental health and increase your business' productivity

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Let's Dismantle The Ticking Time Bomb of Mental Illness

Financial stress, fear of the unknown, lack of safety in schools and public buildings, political and racial unrest, and a growing loss of hope are taking its toll on our mental wellness.
When the time bomb explodes, it manifests in obesity, addictions, severe depression, the rollercoaster of shame, debilitating anxiety, domestic violence, PTSD, and suicide. 

It is clear–the current way we handle mental health is not working!

Thankfully, there is a simple solution.

Rewriting Wellness with the Never Stop Giving Mental Health Journal Experience

The Never Stop Giving Mental Health Journal is an 8 Week Guided Journaling Experience. It leverages scientifically proven behavior modification techniques that will change a life forever. 

In only 8 weeks participants will:

  • Rewire their brain to work more efficiently
  • Discover their LIFE purpose
  • Cultivate more gratitude and compassion
  • Learn healthy coping skills for dealing with daily stress
  • Build healthier relationships with family, co-workers, and teammates
  • Improve their mental health and overall outlook on life and the world.

Your Company Sponsored Mental Wellness Program

Provide your team with a customized personal development experience that mitigates mental health days, improves company culture, and increases overall productivity of your organization or team.

Journals: Each participant will get their own 8 week journal packed with skills, exercises, and inspiration.

App: This journal companion keeps people on target and makes personal development a game with real rewards!

Incentives: We have built in real-world incentives to get people engaged and committed to finishing the process. But the real reward is better mental health.

On-Demand Support: Nobody does this alone! We provide 8 weeks of on-demand TIPS (trauma informed peer support) through the app. 

Why guided Journaling?

Because the pen is mightier than the keyboard.

 of the Never Stop Giving Journal user’s positively changed their view of daily journaling/writing.

62% of Journal participants started at least one new healthy mental health habit which positively influenced their lives.

94% of those who completed the 8-week journal experience would recommend the journal to someone wanting to improve their mental health.

Are you ready to be the LEADER your team needs in this ever-changing world?

Learn 4 things you can do TODAY to start driving your team's productivity by increasing their mental health. 

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A Tool for Corporate Wellness

Employees with unresolved depression and anxiety experience a 35% reduction in productivity, contributing to a loss to the U.S. economy of $210.5 billion a year in absenteeism, reduced productivity, and medical costs.

The Never Stop Giving Project offers customized wellness journals for your business, training, and tools to improve your team's mental health, create an outstanding company culture, and increase overall productivity.

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